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Reduce Oil Maintenance Time & Expenses
Diamond Fleet Services proudly carries the Oil Purification Systems Inc. On Board Oil Refining System which is designed to significantly lower oil maintenance costs and increase your operating profits. Typically the OPS-1 System cuts oil maintenance cost by over 80% and results in a ROI Payback of 6-10 months. The compact, lightweight, two-stage design provides Transportation, Construction, Bus, Marine and Power Generation companies a low cost solution to rising oil maintenance costs. Hundreds of the fleet and independent customers using the system are experiencing oil change intervals measured in years instead of months, running with clean oil all the time, cutting costs, saving time and extending engine life. Are you ready to start reducing your costs and improving your engine’s performance? Call Diamond Fleet Services at 410-760-xxxx today!

Key Benefits:
• Lower oil maintenance cost by 80%
• Eliminate the need for periodic oil drains
• 6-10 month payback period
• Extend the life of your equipment
• Reduce downtime
• Reduce waste oil/protect the environment

How It Works
The OPS-1 is a partial flow two stage on-board oil refining system, installed in a bypass configuration to clean and refine oil without affecting the engine’s full flow filtration system. 1st Stage: The filtration unit removes particulates (solid contaminants) down to 3 microns, eliminating the 5-10 micron sized particles that cause the majority of engine wear damage. 2nd Stage: The removal of the liquid contaminants (mainly water, fuel and glycol) is achieved through the patented evaporation chamber and returns clean refined oil to the engine. Removal of water, diesel fuel and glycol restricts acid formation, corrosion, oxidation, and sludge and viscosity breakdown.

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