Roll-Off Dumpster Delivery Truck

About Diamond Waste Services, Inc.

Diamond Waste Services, Inc. is a veteran owned dumpster rental business located in Glen Burnie, Maryland near BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport. Diamond Waste attends to the bulk trash removal needs of construction sites, demolition jobs, home improvement contractors, homeowners and commercial businesses. In short: we help anyone with a large amount of trash, junk or debris that needs to be hauled away. We’ll deliver a dumpster rental to your location and take it away for disposal after it’s filled up.

Our dumpster rental service area includes central Maryland from Baltimore to Annapolis, Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.

We've been in operation since 2002.

Diamond Waste offers a range of roll-off waste containers, commonly referred to as "dumpsters," or “cans” that are delivered to your site and dropped off by special hydraulic roll-off trucks.

Our goal is simple: to provide dumpster rental and trash removal service that is prompt, courteous and dependable. And we're not just "talkin' trash," we’re hauling it too! A live person, never an auto attendant computer, always answers the phone at Diamond Waste. Our service is fast too. Your roll-off dumpster rental will be delivered promptly at the arranged time, and when you call for trash pick-up, a roll-off service truck will be dispatched to remove your garbage and process it accordingly. Our customers are our friends and we strive to provide the personal attentiveness your business deserves.

When folks think of us, they generally think of the big red dumpsters we "rent." And it's true; we drop off a big red box for you to fill up during a specified period of time. But the real value of our dumpster rental service is removing and disposing your rubbish, the dumpster rental is just a means to accomplish that end. Having your dumpster show up on time, when it's supposed to and go away quickly when it's filled, is where Diamond Waste really shines.

Taking the roll-off dumpster rental away is not the end-of-story for your rubbish. Specific laws govern how and where your trash is disposed. Some wastes are potentially harmful to the environment and require special permits and handling (checkout our waste information pages). Other wastes can be re-used or recycled, which conserves natural resources and saves scarce landfill space from being filled-up. Diamond Waste makes sure that your trash is disposed of properly and efficiently through a network of landfills, incinerators, processing stations and recycling centers. When required, such as with new construction seeking USGBC Green Building LEED certification, Diamond Waste provides disposal documentation showing the specific type and amount of waste, and where it was recycled or disposed.

As you can see, "dumpster rental" is not really an accurate term to describe what we do, but it's what people ask for. We much prefer "waste removal and recycling service," but hey, call us whatever you want, just call us to take away your trash please.

You can rely on Diamond Waste to be there‚ call us today for dumpster rental and waste removal service!

When the job schedule is critical and you need on-time, no-nonsense dumpster rental service and trash removal‚ call Diamond Waste! We'll get the job done. Reliably. After all, Our Service Shines!

Letter From The President

As president of Diamond Waste Services, Inc., my personal mission is this: to simplify the dumpster rental, and trash removal process for our customers. To do this I ensure our service team practices disciplined vigilance everyday and leaves nothing to chance when it comes to providing our customers with the very best dumpster rental service.

No matter how challenging the construction or demolition project may be, we have always met the highest standards for quality dumpster rental service at a competitive cost. These two issues are fundamental to getting the job done right the first time and this is our top priority each and every day.

Our punctuality can make your day easier. The added value we bring to your project is prompt, on-time waste removal and recycling with accurate documentation. In today’s construction environment your job is already fast paced enough without adding complications resulting from slow trash pick-ups and poor LEED documentation.

Our commitment is to make the dumpster rental and trash removal process simple and easy, freeing you to concentrate on the multitude of other tasks you face.

Communication and understanding are of critical importance to success. We work hard to develop team relationships between our management and service personnel and the construction and demolition project executives, managers and superintendents who are our dumpster rental service customers. This allows us to be knowledgeable of your priorities and how we can best help to achieve them.

We make commitments and we keep them!


Wallace Putkowski,


Diamond Waste President