Rental Dumpster

Residential Roll-Off Dumpster Rental

Diamond Waste offers roll-off dumpster rental and solid waste removal service for residential / homeowner jobs such as basement and garage cleanouts, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, deck construction, roofing, siding and yard landscaping.

We offer roll-off dumpster rentals in 15, 20 and 30 cubic foot sizes for small, medium and large residential projects. When considering the dumpster size your job will require, keep in mind that a full size pickup truck can typically haul about 2 cubic yards.

  • 15 cubic yard dumpster, 2 ton maximum (about 7 pickup truck loads)
  • 20 cubic yard dumpster, 3 ton maximum (about 10 pickup truck loads)
  • 30 cubic yard dumpster, 4 ton maximum (about 15 pickup truck loads)

If you are not sure which dumpster rental will best suit your job, please call us. We’ll be happy to discuss your project and suggest a waste removal solution that fits your needs.

What materials can I put into the dumpster rental?

Dumpsters for residential solid waste disposal can be loaded with most types of garbage, refuse and rubbish including: construction and demolition waste, yard trimmings, furniture, clothing, carpet, newspapers, magazines, books, bottles, cans, plastics, scrap metal. It is acceptable to mix, or commingle, limited quantities of these wastes. However if you have large amounts of a specific waste, it is better to use a dumpster dedicated to the specific waste material. Hazardous, specialty and liquid wastes are not allowed.

How much can I load into the dumpster rental?

Your dumpster waste disposal is calculated by weight and volume. Transportation and disposal of rubbish and debris is also subject to federal, state and local laws.

Dumpsters rentals can usually be loaded up to the rim, or watermark, but NOT over. Our drivers MUST be able to cover the load for safe and legal highway transportation. Due to highway weight restrictions, heavy materials such as concrete, masonry and dirt must not be loaded more than halfway to the container top (only 20 cubic yard dumpsters can be used for this purpose).

Should your load exceed the maximum specified weight, we will bill at a cost of $69 per ton over the limit.

Dumpster rental versus waste removal and disposal,
what are you really paying for?

The phrase “dumpster rental” is what most folks ask for when they seek our service. However, the main cost of a “dumpster rental” is actually the waste hauling and disposal which are determined by weight and volume. The dumpster is just a big metal box. The length of time you keep the dumpster rental is simply an agreed upon loading period for that box. If you need more time, no problem, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. If your project requires more than one load we will swap out the loaded dumpster for an empty and begin the loading / billing period over again.

The rental period is 10 days from dumpster drop off.

Please call or email today to schedule dumpster rental service, you can also use our secure online shopping cart.

Items not allowed in residential solid waste disposal dumpsters

Items not allowed in the dumpster include domestic hazardous waste, toxic waste and liquid wastes including (but not limited to):

  • NO Asbestos
  • NO Creosote
    (railroad ties or telephone poles)
  • NO Industrial Waste
  • NO Refrigerators, Air Conditioners or Appliances Containing Freon
  • NO Televisions, Monitors or Computers
  • NO Mattresses or Box Springs
  • NO Florescent Light Bulbs,
    Mercury Thermostats
  • NO Sealed Drums or Tanks of Any Kind
  • NO Paint (dry latex paint cans are ok)
  • NO Spray Cans, Pesticides, Solvents
    or Other Chemicals
  • NO Corrosive, Flammable, Volatile
    or Explosive Chemicals
  • NO Manure / Fertilizer and
    Other Farming Products
  • NO Oil or Gasoline
  • NO Oil Contaminated Soil
  • NO Autos or Auto Parts
  • NO Equipment Containing Gas or Oil
  • NO Tires of Any Kind
  • NO Batteries
  • NO Medical / Biohazard Waste
  • NO Radioactive Waste
  • NO Chain Link Fence
  • NO Animal Carcasses

Hazardous waste and toxic waste are subject to strict regulation and require specific disposal procedures. If these items are found in the dumpster you will be charged extra for the special handling disposal and any governmental fines.

Many landfills place restrictions on bulky materials such as mattresses and tires. If these materials are found in the dumpster you will be charged extra for disposal.

When in doubt about a material for disposal, please contact us. In some cases we offer specialty waste removal for some of these items – please call for more information.