Diamond Waste Dumpster Rental
Terms & Conditions

The Customer and Diamond Waste Services, Inc., (Contractor) agree to the following terms and conditions. Contractor shall provide hauling and disposal services and equipment to the Customer and Customer agrees to pay for said services as quoted and defined here.


Customer agrees that containers provided for construction and demolition wastes cannot contain trash, garbage, medical/hospital wastes, furniture, appliances, mattresses, animal carcasses, large amounts of carpet, compressed gas cylinders or tanks, creosote, paint, oil, explosives, tires, drums, chain link fence, large timbers, railroad ties, large concrete or rock, asbestos or chemicals. Customer agrees that containers provided for stumps, land clearing, clean wood, clean dirt, clean concrete, or clean masonry debris, would not contain any other debris of any kind. If Contractor hauls and finds any unacceptable wastes in any load the Customer will be charged and agrees to pay additional fees and additional charges at Contractor’s standard rates at that time.

It is expressly understood and agreed that Contractor is not responsible for the loading of any refuse into equipment and/or containers left at the Customer’s site. Customer agrees not to load above the top of any container. Customer agrees not to overload the containers. Open top roll-off containers with more than four tons of waste will be subject to additional charges at Contractor’s standard rates at that time. Customer agrees to pay any overweight tickets and/or citations received by Contractor while hauling the Customer’s containers. Customer agrees to pay a trip charge for containers blocked for pick-up, delivery or otherwise unserviceable. Containers, which have no activity for ten days or more, will be subject to daily container non-use fees.

Disposal costs, fuel and travel to disposal sites, which Contractor is subject to, are significant costs of the service provided to the Customer. Contractor will increase the price of the collection and hauling services provided to the Customer should disposal costs, fuel price (fuel surcharge) or travel distance increase. Any increase in disposal fees, fuel price or travel distance will be passed on to the Customer immediately. Disposal charges consist of fees paid to disposal sites for their receiving solid waste materials plus carrying charges for handling, financing and verification of these transactions. Furthermore, in addition, Contractor may also adjust other charges from time to time upon ten (10) days notice prior to the effective date of adjustment.

The waste material to be collected and disposed of by Contractor pursuant to this agreement is solid waste generated by Customer excluding liquid, radioactive, volatile, flammable, explosive, toxic, infectious, biological, or hazardous material. Contractor shall not be responsible for any other hazardous waste or any other unacceptable material placed in the containers. The term hazardous material shall include, but not limited to, any amount of waste listed or characterized as hazardous by the United States Environmental Protection Agency or any state agency or municipal agency. Title to and liability for any and all waste shall remain with the Customer and Customer expressly agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Contractor from and against any and all damages, penalties, fines and liabilities resulting from or arising out of such waste hauled by and/or disposed of by Contractor.

All containers and equipment furnished by Contractor for use by the Customer shall remain the property of Contractor and the Customer shall have no right, title or interest in the containers. Customer shall not make any alterations or improvements to any container without prior written consent of Contractor. Customer acknowledges that it has care, custody, possession and control of equipment owned by Contractor and accepts responsibility for the equipment except when it is being physically handled by Contractor. Customer shall be responsible for the cleanliness and safekeeping of the containers. Customer shall not use them for incineration purposes and shall be liable to Contractor for any loss and/or any damage to any container and/or equipment in excess of reasonable wear and tear. Customer agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Contractor against and all claims, damages, losses, causes of action, including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees, and any other liability for injury and/or death to persons or damage to property arising out of the possession or use of any container and/or equipment by the Customer. In addition, Customer shall be responsible for all damages, fines and penalties caused by overloading containers, non-conforming or unacceptable materials or improper use.

Customer shall pay Contractor for the service and/or equipment furnished by Contractor (in advance where applicable) in accordance with the charges and rates quoted by Contractor and others provided herein. Customer shall make payment to Contractor upon receipt of an invoice (in advance when applicable) from Diamond Waste Services, Inc. Contractor will impose and customer agrees to pay a late fee for any amount not paid to Contractor within thirty (30) days of invoice date will carry interest at the rate of one and one half percent (1 1/2%) per month (18% per annum), both before and after judgment, and further agrees to pay all costs incurred in collection, including attorney's fees in the amount of thirty-three percent (33%) of the total balance due if this account is placed with an attorney for collection, whether suit is filed or not. Customer expressly agrees to submit to personal jurisdiction in Maryland and that the form for any litigation pursuant to obtaining payment for containers and services provided shall be in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

The parties, without affecting the validity of the agreement, may agree to changes in the rates, the type, size and amount of equipment or the frequency of service orally or in writing. Consent to the charges shall be evidenced by the practices and actions of the parties. Contractor reserves the right to suspend collection on all legal holidays and due to inclement weather.


Customer acknowledges that Contractor shall not be liable for any damage to pavement or asphalt, curbing, driveway, parking lot, any road surfaces or any other surfaces resulting from its trucks and equipment servicing an agreed upon area. The Customer is responsible for Local Government and/or Landlord’s permission, if, or as needed.

Customer agrees that all funds owed to Customer from anyone or received by Customer, to the extent those funds result from the containers and services provided by Contractor, shall be held in trust for the benefit of Contractor. Customer agrees it has no interest in Trust Funds held by anyone and to promptly account for and pay to Contractor all such Trust Funds. Customer further irrevocably assigns to Contractor any rights it has to Trust Funds to the extent that sums are justly due to Contractor for containers and services provided.

In no event shall Contractor be liable for any compensatory, incidental or consequential damages which arise from Contractor providing any container and/or equipment, or otherwise, including, but not limited to, loss of use, loss of profits, direct, indirect or consequential damages, including, but not limited to damages to property or personal injuries/death arising out of or in connection with Contractor providing any container and/or equipment, or otherwise, regardless of whether such failure was caused by intentional or negligent acts or omissions of Contractor or a third party, breach of contract or otherwise. Contractor’s liability under this agreement shall be limited solely to the amount of any funds paid by the Customer to Contractor. Customer expressly agrees to submit to personal jurisdiction in Maryland and that the form for any litigation whether suit is brought by Contractor or Customer, shall be in Baltimore County, Maryland.

Shipping & Delivery

Diamond Waste provides roll-off dumpster rental service throughout Maryland including: Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Howard County, Montgomery County, and Prince Georges County, as well as, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC. For service outside of these areas, please contact our dispatch at 410-350-7000.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your order at any time PRIOR to dumpster delivery by calling our dispatch at 1-410-350-7000.  Orders that are cancelled with LESS THAN 24 HOURS NOTICE will be subject to an administrative fee equal to $100.

Diamond Waste Services, Inc. reserves the right to change its payment procedures at any time without prior notice to you.

Store Hours

Monday through Friday 8AM to 4PM, Closed Holidays.


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What Information Is Collected:

As part of the order process, the following information is collected from shoppers:

Name Shipping/Billing Address Email address Phone number All transactions (Credit/Debit Card) are handled through PayPal's secure online payment system. Diamond Waste Services, Inc. will never see, collect or store your Credit/Debit card information.

How That Information Is Used:

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Roll-Off Dumpster
Rental Guidelines:

Your dumpster rental base price includes a set weight amount of materials for disposal. Example: Using a 30 yd. container, your quoted price is based on a 4-ton load and a 10 day on-site loading time. An additional charge for each ton over the first 4 tons of material in your load will be applied if your load exceeds 4 tons. An additional charge for each day after the first 10 days for on site loading time will be applied if we pick up after the first 10 days.

Delivery Charges:

Based on location or additional placement of container on site.

Fuel Surcharges:

Certain services have an additional fuel surcharge and are quoted when we give you your base price for a container. Fuel Surcharges are in addition to your base price and any over weight limit charges and daily rental charges, they are applied to your base price and any over weight limit charges.


We Are Not Responsible For:

Our drivers are considerate and careful and will make every effort to gently place your roll-off dumpster, however, Diamond Waste is not responsible for damage to driveways, lawns, sidewalk, curbs, other road surfaces or underground utilities in the path to the container. Additionly, any required permits or waivers issued by state, county or local municipality ordinances are the resposibility of the renter, not Diamond Waste.

Items Not Allowed:

What you can't put into a rental dumpster depends on the purpose of your dumpster rental. Different types of trash and debris are disposed of in different ways and at different locations in accordance with local and federal laws. In short: construction and demolition (C&D) debris must be kept separate from household garbage. Both C&D and household garbage must NOT contain hazardouse waste (as defined by the EPA and local law).

Similarly, if you have a large quantity of a specific waste that can be recycled (such as clean concrete or masonry debris, clean dirt, clean wood, scrap metal, stumps or land clearing debris), it will be processed in a very specific way and your dumpster must not contain any other type of waste. For example, you can not mix clean wood waste with concrete debris in a single dumpster (doing so will increase your cost of disposal due to added labor required for separation or added landfill expenses).

Hazardous Waste items not allowed include, but are not limited to:

  • NO Manure / Fertilizer and Other Farming Products
  • NO Municipal Garbage
  • NO Newsprint
  • NO Asbestos
  • NO Creosote (railroad ties or
    telephone poles)
  • NO Industrial Waste
  • NO Florescent Light Bulbs, Mercury Thermostats
  • NO Oil, Gasoline, Paint
    (dry latex paint cans are ok)
  • NO Pesticides, Solvents or
    Other Chemicals
  • NO Oil Contaminated Soil
  • NO Sealed Drums, Tanks or Compressed Gas Cylinders of Any Kind
  • NO Autos or Auto Parts
  • NO Equipment Containing Gas or Oil
  • NO Tires of Any Kind
  • NO Batteries
  • NO Refrigerators, Air Conditioners or Appliances Containing Freon
  • NO Medical / Biohazard Waste
  • NO Mattresses
  • NO Chain Link Fence
  • NO Animal Carcasses

If these disallowed items are discovered in the container, you will be informed within 24 hours and charged for hazardous materials disposal. These charges can be very expensive. If damages or injuries occur because of hazardous materials in the container, these will also be charged to your account.

If you do have items to dispose of in the above list, please contact us about our Specialty Waste Disposal service. Diamond Waste can make special arrangements for the lawful disposal of many of these materials.

Do Not Overfill Rolll-Off Dumpsters:

Dumpsters can only be filled to the top of the rim. Material over the top is potentially hazardous to our operators and other vehicles on the roadway. Some cities issue fines, which will be charged to your account. We will not pick up a container if it is overloaded.

Overweight Roll-Off Dumpsters:

Dumpsters have weight limits as specified. All dumpsters are weighed at the disposal site. Loads over your quoted weight limit are charged additionally.

Be careful when loading. Dense material will fill up to weight capacity before space inside the roll-off dumpster is used up. For example, concrete, rock, sand and other heavy material can only be put in 15 or 20-yard dumpsters to the 1/2 way mark. We will not pick up a dumpster if our driver can determine it is over weight by any transportation related laws and/or guidelines when he arrives at your site. In the event we receive an over weight violation while hauling your load, you will be billed the full amount of the violation and a surcharge fee.

Contents of Roll-Off Dumpster:

Contents of roll-off dumpster are the responsibility of the customer. If someone dumps material into your container you are responsible for whatever it may be, and for any and all charges related to the hauling and proper disposal.


Roll-Off Container Not Serviceable Charges:

If we arrive at your site as requested and we cannot provide service because your dumpster is blocked for pick-up, the area is blocked for delivery or your container is otherwise unserviceable such as over loaded in some way, or any other reason we will charge you a fee for attempting to provide service as requested when we could not.

Damage To Roll-Off Dumpster:

You are responsible for any damage caused to the dumpster while it is in your possession.

Please review our complete Terms & Conditions